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HR Coordinator

International Pharmaceutical Company

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Job Description

Our client, an international pharma company searches for a HR Coordinator who will oversees the implementation and administration of Human Resources policies, programs and practices. A Key member of the country leadership team responsible for coordinating the country HR function.

We are looking for professionals who have already worked with both sides of HR: Hard and Soft.

R&S - From placing job ads to setting up interviews, a huge part of an HR Coordinator’s duties is to recruit and help new employees integrate into a company. Follow up with applicant references, send offer letters, explain company policies and benefits, review job duties and maintain files regarding all new hires for the company they work for. They might also assist with or even conduct company orientations for individuals or groups of new hires.

Training - An HR Coordinator typically assists with helping new and existing employees receive training for their specific job titles. They will also help employees who are seeking additional training or who might need updated training, such as on new software systems.

Support HR Functions - In addition to new hire duties, an HR Coordinator is also responsible for assisting with other human resources operations. This might include ensuring payroll accuracy, addressing employee issues or problems, maintaining employee relations, keeping employee records and making sure the company is compliant with existing employment laws and regulations.

Education and experience required

We are looking for candidates who have similar experience in pharma’s companies.

Education: Business Administration, Phycology, Labor Relations.

Languages: Fluent English and Fluent Spanish 


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